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Prototyping in Year 2022

Due to the scarcity of components and development boards, it is currently not so easy to implement a project. If you check with the distributor, they often have delivery times that extend into 2024. How are you supposed to work there?

Well, the microcontrollers will not be available in the long term either. It doesn't matter whether it's ST, NXP or Microchip - please wait everywhere. But we can assume that production in European chip factories will start in 2023/24 and that should be the focus. Until then it's "take what is there" and plan accordingly.

An example here. I need a product in the industrial sector in 1-2 years. It should have a network, CAN bus and the software should run under Linux, because it's easier to find developers in this area. This is counterproductive in my case (because I work for companies as a consultant/freelancer), but I always make sure that the customer gets a product from me or that I develop it for him, where he later has everything with him and also the resources for it finds. So nothing cryptic, well documented and designed in such a way that he always finds developers for his project. I always say "... develop everything yourself and have it in-house, then you won't have any problems with further development".

But what about the prototype? As a basis I take a Raspberry Pi Zero 2, which you get every now and then and it can also be replaced by another product on the market (single-board computer). In addition, complete modules for Ethernet (MCP 2515) and one for CAN. The CAN module has the driver set to 5V (cheaper), but it can be swapped out in a minute. A few settings in the config.txt in the BOOT directory and the two interfaces work. Make way for the software – it will be written in C++.

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Alte Hardware, neue Chips

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Embedded Entwicklung mit Mikrocontroller um 1 EURO

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Prototyping im Jahr 2022

Durch die Knappheit der Bauteile und Entwicklungsboards ist es derzeit nicht so einfach, ein Projekt zu realisieren.