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Ing. Philipp Caha

Inhaber / Technik

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Embedded Development with a Microcontroller for 1 EURO

Most developments require a microcontroller, which can be expensive. Also, what is available? The RP2040 is available (as of today) at a unit price of €1.18 for one piece !!!.

The Raspberry Foundation has been known for a long time with the Rpi 1-4, Zero, ... but most people are not familiar with the RP2040. What can this little microcontroller do? It's a Dual Cortex-M0+ running at 240MHz. That doesn't sound bad, especially since it has 2 MB of flash as an external component (can be larger). The RP2040 is not intended for Linux, but bare metal or you can load firmware that contains Micropython. This firmware is OS and Micropython interpreter with libraries in one.

A running system in 5 minutes

The company WIZnet goes one step further and equips their prototype board with a W5100s and thus has Ethernet. It is programmed in Micropython and the IP stack is in the firmware/W5100s. There is no easier way to set up a test environment. One line of code and one pin emits a PWM. If you need help or an entire project, you can find out more at dc.at.

#prototype development #software development #rp2040 #wiznet


Alte Hardware, neue Chips

Sie haben ein Produkt, seit 20 Jahren wird es gut verkauft. Jetzt werden IC´s abgekündigt, sind nicht mehr lieferbar?

Embedded Entwicklung mit Mikrocontroller um 1 EURO

Die meisten Entwicklungen benötigen einen Mikrocontroller, der unter Umständen teuer sein kann.

Prototyping im Jahr 2022

Durch die Knappheit der Bauteile und Entwicklungsboards ist es derzeit nicht so einfach, ein Projekt zu realisieren.